Jennifer Bridgman

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Love Never Fails:
One Family's Journey to Overcome Spinal Cord Injury

At age thirty-two, Chris and Jennifer Bridgman are happier than they ever thought possible. Twenty-five years after first meeting on an elementary school playground, the two have reconnected and fallen madly in love. Now newlyweds with a child on the way, their idyllic lives are shattered when an accident leaves Chris paralyzed and clinging to life. After surviving an emergency operation to fuse his spine and remove a life-threatening blood clot, Chris is hospitalized for four weeks to rehabilitate and relearn basic daily functions from his wheelchair. Within days of his homecoming, the couple will welcome their first child—a beautiful boy who brings much-needed “sonshine” into their lives. This memoir chronicles one family’s journey to find hope, healing and happiness following spinal cord injury. Tested to the limits as a couple and as individuals, Chris and Jennifer must learn to overcome hardships in their new world of parenthood and paralysis, ultimately discovering that Love Never Fails.

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