Jennifer Bridgman

Eyes of a Child

Lately I’ve wondered when it all went wrong,
When life became a to-do list, not a happy song.

In the rearview mirror, I watch my young child;
An airplane overhead, his eyes large and wild.

A truck on the road, the louder the better,
Is reason to cheer, not curse in four letters.

A railway crossing, arms flash and chime down;
A front-row seat to the best show in town.

An hour at the park, an hour well spent;
Each trip down the slide, a thrilling event.

 A stretch of green grass, a joy uncontained;
Its blades are for rolling, not something that stains.

Dirt is for digging, treasures wait to be discovered;
Streams are for exploring, no stone left uncovered.

Some things I pray, he will never outgrow,
Like greeting each dog with a grin and "hello."

His tears remind me that it’s okay to cry,
Or how a hug from Mom makes them run dry.  

How soon I forgot the magic in a book,
The wonder of a giving tree or escaping Captain Hook.  

Or what feels more special than carrying a balloon?
A bath till you’re wrinkled? A glowing full moon?

“Don’t talk to strangers,” I try to instill,
But isn’t a random smile life’s simplest goodwill?

We went for a stroll, just the other day,
Despite laundry piled up, a stack of bills to pay.

I left my phone behind, let him set the pace,
I savored the moment, the sun on my face.

We took our sweet time, toddling around the block,
Stopping for butterflies, to inspect a strange rock.

 We admired the fire trucks, all shiny and brave,
As we started back home, he turned to wave.

We dawdled home together, a peace I won’t forget,
I smiled at the realization…there is hope for me yet.


 Dedicated to my three beloved rays of “sonshine.”
I may have brought you into this world,
but you've brought the wonder back into mine.
Love you thiiiiiiiiis much, Mommy